Connections : Add/Edit Your Directory Listing

Login > (upper right corner on page, “Howdy…”) > Click on “Edit My Directory Listing”

First a quick explanation of the Profile vs Directory Listing:

Your Profile is what identifies all users on this site and is directly linked to the ‘back end’ and the forums.

Your Directory Listing is the feature “Find-a-Locksmith”.  This is a powerful database that is growing in GOOGLE, as the public looks for a reputable locksmith.

Please note the following:
  • Directory Listings are reserved for businesses owned/operated by Active, Apprentice or Company members. 
  • Only a member who is principal of the business can add/edit their directory listing

Required and Optional Information:

Organization:  Required! 

This is the name of your company, Do Not Leave Blank!

First Name , Last Name:  Also Required!

Image:  Optional

This is where you can put your mugshot – (not even sure where this is used?).

Logo:  Optional

This is where you add your company logo.

Adresses:  Required

If you have a physical shop please list it, otherwise you must list your town if you do not want to list your complete address. 

Phone Numbers:  Required

Email: Required!

This has to be the same email address as you are using for your profile – as it is what is used to link you to your listing.

Messenger Links / Social Media, etc:  Optional

This is where you can add any Social Media links to cross promote your online presence.

Biographical Info:  Optional

While this is optional, it is where you should put some thought on how you want to introduce yourself to the customer.

On the Right Sidebar


Required: Organization (“Individual” will not produce a listing)

Required: Public (“Private/Unlisted” are not used for our site)

** NOTE: “Cancel” and “Update” are buttons – where you confirm any changes you make. 

Don’t Forget to use the “Update” button after you make any changes or they will be lost!**

Service Region: Required

**Note Please** The general public are going to primarily use this feature to look for a “LOCAL” Locksmith.  Unlike the scammers who try to look like they serve all of Ontario – we need to list areas that are actually within the area that we can get to within a reasonable timeframe.  There are exceptions, so Please keep it to a maximum 1.5 hrs travel, or 150 km.

Services: Required

This is where you list any and all services that you offer.