The Policy

  1. TAOL does not accept job postings from the general public – only from our members.

  2. The Job Board is exclusive to TAOL members, and Academy students.

  3. We make our Job Board available to all members in two locations: at the Academy (back of the Classroom), and online in our forums.
  4. Our emails may be circulated beyond our membership and therefore do not have complete details of posted jobs.


  • We want to support those who believe in and support our Association and members.
  • We protect our members, as we recognize that our membership makes up a ready pool of pre-qualified potential employees.
  • Employers recognize that our membership (especially Academy students) are typically better trained, and are therefore higher value to them.
  • Employers who advertise in public job boards have to take more time ‘weeding through’ the applications they get from unqualified applicants. They also typically have to spend more for those ads.